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New grip material for improved durability and a new ankle shape for enhanced comfort, an even more minimalist feel, and ease of putting the socks on.

The Bearfoot Trainers are the most minimal alternative to training barefoot there is. These are the first training socks designed from the ground up to support optimal rooting for static movements on a variety of surfaces, with minimal slippage. Check out this quick introduction video from Bearfoot co-founder Chris Duffin, discussing the new Bearfoot Trainers.

Each Bearfoot Trainer features a carefully-designed pattern of concentric circles specifically located on high-pressure areas of the foot that are foundational to proper rooting of the foot to the ground. These areas allow you to form what is commonly referred to as the Tripod Foot.

We went through dozens of iterations before we settled on the proper placement, size, quantity, and material of our ring design. Each concentric circle is made of medical-grade silicone and both heat-pressed and permanently set under high power UV light.

Together with world-renowned strength coach, athlete, and educator Chris Duffin, we set out to re-engineer what seems to be the least-considered component of the athlete’s wardrobe - the sock. Chris has deadlifted 1001lbs (for almost 3 reps) which is a Guinness World Record, and of course done while barefoot.

For most, even those who train barefoot and use socks for personal hygiene reasons, the sock is an afterthought. After all, it's just a thin fabric that meshes and blends to the shape of your foot right? 

If we think of the shoe as the "body-to-ground" interface, why wouldn't we think of the sock in the same regard for bearfoot training purposes?

The Bearfoot Trainer is made of a custom blend of polyester, polyurethane, and nylon - providing lasting durability and perfect compression. The use of athletic, moisture-wicking materials rather than cotton improves durability, comfort, and in our opinion just looks better! 

The socks feature independent toe pockets, allowing each individual toe to express itself and play its role in the rooting function of the foot.