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The A.W.E.some Wraps are a versatile joint wrap designed to be used on Ankles, Wrists & Elbows for a moderate amount of compression. We wanted to create a universal wrap that would provide medium-compression that felt comfortable to these particular joints.

Our favorite application of the A.W.E.some Wraps is probably at the ankles, but they can be used for so much more. Strength athletes already like to wrap their wrists, knees and sometimes elbows, but why don't we pay any attention to the ankles? The Multi-Wrap helps athletes feel more solid at their foundation, and give you an extra boost while squatting - similar to the feeling of knee wraps. We encourage people to develop proper foot and ankle strength first, but these can be a great addition once that is achieved.

The benefit to creating a universal wrap is that you can use them during any workout. The A.W.E.some Wraps can be used during a heavy squat session and on your wrists or elbows during the bench press. Add these to your training arsenal and you will essentially have a training multi-tool ready to be used for any number of purposes.

The A.W.E.some Wraps are also coated in silicon on the inward side so that they lock in place and don’t slide around during your lifts. Give them a try on your next workout and see what you can do!

  • Includes 2 wraps
  • One size fits all

Instructional Ankle Wrap Video