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Strength athletes like to wrap their wrists, knees and sometimes elbows, but why don't we pay any attention to the ankles? After all...they are the closest load bearing joint to the ground.

Knee wraps provide compression on the knee joint to help keep the knees healthy after repetitive loads, as well as some additional elastic energy during the eccentric part of the lift, allowing your squats to be faster and stronger. Our ankle wraps provide similar advantages, but at the ankle. You'll notice an immediate difference in stability and security while wearing these ankle wraps during squats.

We always encourage people to improve their ankle mobility and build strong, healthy ankles. So we want to point out that these wraps are not meant to be a crutch for weak feet/ankles. However, adding these to your squat arsenal, along with proper foot and ankle function, will make heavy squats feel amazing.

  • Includes 2 wraps
  • One size fits all

Instructional Wrap Video