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The Foot Collective - Truth About Feet - On The Bus Podcast

“We take off people’s shoes and they change the way they walk. We take off people’s shoes and they change the way they run…. What has that done? It’s made them more efficient with how they’re moving.”

“The foot is a sensor… Your feet have a sensory nerve bed taking in information about the environment. When you want to protect your eyes, you put safety glasses on…you don’t wear a blindfold. When you put a thick layer of cushioning under your foot, you’ve blindfolded your foot and it can no longer relay information about what’s going on underneath you.”

“Your feet adapt and respond to stress. If were not getting that stress, how are we going to adapt and respond to it? When you’re on your feet you’re fighting gravity…. You have to do your part to offset the effects of gravity and control yourself. We’ve got to build some resilience and strength. Stress doesn’t feel good at the time, but you’re engineering that stress in different forms to make yourself more resilient.”

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