Our Mission

At Bearfoot Athletics, our goal is to optimize the human to ground interface. We are reconnecting people's feet with the ground by providing unique products that minimize foot restriction, maximize sensory feedback, and stimulate muscle engagement and proper alignment, allowing for improved athletic performance, body mechanics, and foot health. We value education, honesty, and unconventional thinking. We will continue to put out content and release products that we believe are at the cutting edge of foot mechanics; one of the last frontiers of training.

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Chris Duffin - Co-Founder

Chris is a world-renowned Strength Athlete, Coach/Trainer, Engineer, CEO, Visionary, Author, Inventor, World Record Holder, Motivational Speaker.

"The foot needs to act much like a hand as it connects to the ground.  The front of the foot needs to reach wide with the toes spreading out.  Oftentimes the pinky toe, all the way along the 5th metatarsal of the foot, is very inactive due to the compressive nature of shoes.  All of the toes need to be able to spread wide and ‘grip’ the ground. This isn’t just squatting and deadlifting this is all sports." - KABUKISTRENGTH.COM